Getting the source code

The source code is maintained in the Git repository.:

$ git clone

Setting up a development sandbox

Once you’ve obtained a source checkout, you need to run the buildout:

$ cd Products.mcdutils
$ python3 -m venv .
$ bin/pip install -U pip setuptools zc.buildout tox
$ bin/buildout

The pip step is only needed after the initial checkout because it produces the script bin/buildout.

The buildout will create the scripts that are used for code testing and documentation building, described below.

Testing code, determining test coverage and linting

Once the buildout has run, the unit tests can be run as follows:

$ bin/test

Code coverage and linting is done through the script at bin/tox:

$ bin/tox

Calling it without any arguments will run the unit tests, code coverage report and linting. You can see the tests configured for it with the -l switch:

$ bin/tox -l

py27 represents the unit tests, run under Python 2.7. You can run each of these by themselves with the -e switch:

$ bin/tox -e py37

Coverage report output is as text to the terminal, and as HTML files under parts/coverage/.

The result of linting checks are shown as text on the terminal as well as HTML files under parts/flake8/

Building the documentation

The Sphinx documentation is built by doing the following from the directory containing

$ cd docs
$ make html

The finished HTML files are under docs/_build/html.